#1  Stop buying crap.
Seriously.  It’s time to stop buying cheap crap.  You get what you pay for.  That thing that has no personal meaning to you will just fall apart in 6 months anyway.  Stop looking for things to fill gaps/or holes in your décor.  Just because you have a space doesn’t mean you need to fill it.  Look for things that are memorable, or of great quality, and of great value.  (Refer to blog #1) So…what do you do?

  1. Make purchases because they are a good VALUE.  That doesn’t have to mean expensive.  You can easily purchase something of value on sale or at an antique sale.  You may even have to save to make a good purchase.  Do it.  It’s worth it.  You’ll take better care of it.  It will last.

Don’t take things so seriously.  If you are trying to exactly match paint colors to a rug etc. your home will look cold.  Stop stressing.  Picking the wrong light fixture will not have insurmountable consequences.   Sometimes it’s fun to buy an off the wall piece of art because it makes you laugh!

#3  De-Clutter
Every year you need to go around your home and de-clutter.  Sometimes I take everything out of a space and start re-placing the must haves.  Keep re-decorating until you have everything looking good…then box up the rest.  MAKE yourself deal with the “piles” you have made around your home.

#4  Take on a Small Remodel Project.
Even if you just find time to replace the polish brass door knobs…do it.  If you wait for 15 years to start, everything will be due for a facelift at the same time and it will be an insurmountable task.

#5  Use the fancy stuff.
Use your china.  Who cares if one breaks?  Have fun with your family and make a fancy meal.  They’ll feel special.  Use that Waterford Vase your great aunt gave you.  It’s no good getting dusty.   That leads to #6

#6  Flowers.
Once a month bust out that Waterford Vase and throw some fresh flowers in it.  You can buy the fresh bouquet at the grocery store.  The cheap ones are fine!  The smell will brighten your day!  The flowers will add a freshness and softness and happiness to any room!

#7  Let the Sun In!
On a warm day open all of your windows and doors and let the sun in.  The fresh air and sun will refresh the whole house giving it new life and energy.  Combine this with resolution #5 and #6 and you’ll have a mighty fine day!


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