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#1.  Buy one of those holiday candles that smell like…______ (fill in the blank)
Make sure you light the candle!  The smell will instantly trigger happy memories and holiday spirit!

#2.  Create a “Santa’s Workshop Room”
Put a sign on your guest room door that says Santa’s Workshop Do Not Enter.  Then, when you are in a panic because Aunt Sally is on her way over you can throw everything that doesn’t have a place in there and keep the rest of the house immaculate.   Just deal with it later.  The kids will catch on to your plan and think it’s a fun game.  HINT?  Only do this over the holidays!

#3.  Wrap up a few emergency gifts.
Make these gifts extra beautiful.  They will make the tree look beautiful and will also serve another function.  Example:  Aunt Sally is on her way over.  You’ve had the kids chuck the random things in Santa’s Workshop; you’re feeling good until you realize you didn’t buy her a gift!  No worries, grab one of those gorgeous things you randomly wrapped under the tree and hand it to her! Specialty food items are a great choice, or a movie, or family game!

#4.  Use your lamps and turn on the fireplace.
Mood lighting people!  The holidays are better if you set the mood!  Use lamps and mood lighting to get people feeling cozy and happy.  Turn on your fireplace, especially if it’s as easy as flipping a switch.

#5.  Music!
Play some holiday music in the background.  It will add to the happy home vibe.  The trick is not too loud and not too soft.

#6.  Take out Christmas platters and dishes.
Pull out all of your Christmas platters and dishes.  Put them in an easily accessible place so that you USE them.  Who uses that stuff if it is hard to get to?  Then…your husband won’t wonder why you bought it in the first place.

#7.  No stressing
If it didn’t get done before the guests arrive.  Don’t do it.  Let it go.  Move on.  A smile and a hug will cover anything that didn’t get done.  Yes, we want things to be magical, but your guests came to see you.  If you’re running around after your guests arrive the event won’t be enjoyable for anyone.  So…smile and sing…Let It Go!

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