Ok, I like trendy things.  I LOVE classic things.  Here is where the rub is…  you want to invest in your home, you want it to last (cause you invested in it…duh!), and you want it to look great!  I get it!  Here is what you do.  Purchase classic pieces for the bones, then accent with trendy pieces.  Invest in amazing quality and classic or traditional looking pieces.  This is where you spend the majority of your $.  This is a bit of a gray area, but I would classify these pieces as:

  1. Sofas

  2. Draperies

  3. Dining Table

  4. Cabinetry

  5. Bed

  6. Main Casegoods (designer speak for end tables and such)

  7. Tile and Hardwood

Then purchase the trendy pieces for accenting.  Select pieces that are easily replaceable as the trends change.  I would classify these pieces as:

  1. Pillows and Bedding

  2. Small End Tables

  3. Lighting

  4. Nightstands

  5. Accent Chairs

  6. Sometimes Dining Chairs

  7. Ottomans

  8. Wallpaper

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