I can’t tell you how many times I have a couple in my conference room.  They’re both looking at me.  Pleading with me (silently with their eyes), they want me to tell their spouse that his or her idea is ridiculous.  They want me to “put that spouse in their design place” HA!  I’m laughing. This really happens.

The reason I love these couples is because their homes become dynamic.  Their homes become balanced.  I listen; I listen for a long time.  I ask weird questions.  I watch reactions.  I listen some more.  I reassure them, (ok lots and lots of reassuring happens).

Then magic happens.  Seriously, I am really good at this.  I was born to be an amazing creative problem solver.  Without problems, creativity cannot exist.  I paint the amazing story of their lives.  It’s a dance, I know the triggers, I’ve found the desires, and then I make their home come to life.  If a couple trusts me, BOTH trust me…a home they BOTH love takes shape.  The results are priceless.

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