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I am in full nesting mode.  Me.  Personally.  My husband and I are expecting a baby in August!  We couldn’t be more thrilled.  As I enter this new stage in my life I am finding an even greater urge to nest.  I find myself dreaming and designing a warm, attractive, and visually clean, environment to in which I will create lasting memories.   A canvas per se… a lovingly made backdrop for life to happen.  A place that is uniquely mine.  A place where I can effectively and affectionately love my husband, and lavish this new baby with millions of kisses.

While I am going through this huge change in life I am starting to truly understand my role as an interior designer.  I am not only an interior designer but also a nesting advocate!  I help people create residential spaces that are the backdrops for memories.  We are painting a canvas in which our clientele pour out their love on their grandchildren.  We are designing the kitchens in which monstrous holiday meals are prepared amongst friends and family.  Bedrooms that offer a relaxing retreat for husbands and wives.  Children’s rooms that help them feel special and loved.  I am designing life’s happy backdrops.  What a momentous task.

Good news.  Here at ELDS, we are up to the task.  There is an immense amount of detail to be considered when designing (not just decorating) a home.   No two projects are the same. We at ELDS take every opportunity to study each client’s emotional, physical, and functional needs for their space.  We feel that a room shouldn’t just look good.  It’s not just about aesthetics. We have extensive schooling and continuing education in psychology, sociology, trends, technology, history of design, building processes, and price points.  We take great pains to stay up-to-date on what the building, furniture, décor, and markets are doing so that we can quickly and effectively advise you. We want you to have the perfect products and tradespeople on site to make your home a unique backdrop for your own personal memories.

 Call us, we’d love to take this journey with you!

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