Our Process

Step 1: Consultation
This is a free meeting to get to know each other and the project.  Together we determine if we are a good fit.  We discuss the project in detail including preferences, budget, main contact, and scope of the project.
Step 2: Site Measure and Assessment
This on-site meeting that takes place after a contract is signed and a retainer is received.  We gather information about the space including measurements and photos.
Step 3: Space Planning and Layout
Carefully considered space planning is crucial to a well-designed space.  We create floor plans after taking measurements and photos.  This creates a list of areas to design and address.

Step 4: Design Concept
This is the fun part! Using the space planning phase we carefully select all finishes, fabrics, flooring, lighting, rugs, draperies, cabinets, etc. that relates to your project. You can be as involved as you want!  This phase usually takes the longest and may require more meetings.
Step 5: Concept Presentation and Approval
We meet and discuss the product we have sourced.  We discuss the pro’s and con’s of selections and schedule any additional meetings to see selections.
Step 6: Scheduling and Procurement
Next we schedule any trades people, and order products and selections that have been made.
Step 7: Installation and Accessorizing

This is where the vision becomes reality.  We schedule an install date for any furnishings you may have ordered.  We may even schedule an secondary date to do any accessorizing.

Step 8: Refinement Punch List
The last step to address anything that did not get completed or needs additional attention.

Once Steps 1-8 are Complete…

         It will be time to celebrate.

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