1: We pride ourselves on being able to “read” our clients and create spaces that are perfectly and uniquely them.
This is ALWAYS our MAIN priority.  We are passionate about listening. Clients are always impressed with our ability to produce results that are perfect for them even when they couldn’t perfectly articulate what they felt they wanted.
2: We know the best VALUE to fit your budget.
We make sure to interview you to find out what you feel is a feasible budget.  We make sure to ask how you want pieces or selections to perform, function, look, and of course what you think is a valid price point so that we can maximize your budget.  After we have completely picked your brain we can quickly choose products that fit your needs because of our extensive brand and product knowledge.
3: We create renderings!
We find that our clients are impressed with the renderings we create and their likeness to the finished product.  Renderings bridge the communication gap between what the designer is visualizing in her head and explaining that visualization to the client.

4: We understand the psychology of color
We have the knowledge to select colors that maximize how the client wants to feel in a space.

Example: the color red encourages appetite.  Many fast food restaurants include this color in their logo.

5: We understand that not all clients fit into one mold.
We have a few different fee structures that can be tailored to meet your needs.
6: We help with interior architecture.
Hire us before you meet with a builder so that we can help design your floor plan layout and how to maximize your existing space, or remodel.

Example:  The rendering above is an example of how we did the interior architecture of a space before we had the contractor bid the job.  The rendering gave the contractor, and homeowners a visual roadmap so everyone was on the same page.

7: We know our resources
We can point you in the direction of some of the newest, functional, fabulous building materials.  Examples are helping you choose the right shower system that is 100% leak-proof, or a vibracoustics tub that plays music vibrations through the water, even planning for a state of the art home automation system.
8: We have an extensive knowledge of the History of the Decorative Arts.
What does this mean?  We have an amazing understanding of historical design, and historical furniture design.  Whether you want to incorporate a fabulous French antique or replica or want to completely emulate a certain style, or period …we’ve got you covered!  We pride ourselves on a fabulous knowledge of French, Italian, English, and early American interior design.
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