We want to provide the best learning experience we can for our interns.


  1. Be ready to learn: ELDS likes to think of an intern as a blank canvas.  We never like to assume what an intern does or doesn’t know.  Remember everyone is different and we all learn things differently.
  2. Be formal: ELDS will let an intern know up front what ELDS expects from them: dress, behavior, etc. ELDS knows that you cannot read minds.  ELDS does not want any unexpressed expectations. 
  3. Fill out an application: Please fill out the application below and send it to  Also, at this time include your resume.
  4. Do a trial run: ELDS likes to have an intern come in for a 2 or 3 day trial run and interview. We make no guarantee that you will get the job. At the end of the last day we will determine if we can take you on.
  5. We offer a variety: We want an intern to learn all aspects of the industry.  ELDS doesn’t want to keep you doing the same thing over and over. Interns learn a little bit of everything.  For example:  sketching, matching fabrics, picking paint, picking flooring, etc.
  6. We want you to feel at home: We want to make this a great learning experience for you. We wants you to see the friendlier side of the office.  Sometimes ELDS will do lunch for everyone! Also, we want to know that an intern is getting the most from this internship. If you need something from your mentor don’t be afraid to ask. If you need more instruction or need ELDS to use a different teaching style that helps you please tell your mentor.
  7. Pop Quizzes!: ELDS will give a test when an intern is signed on, just to see what they know and what they don’t. At the end of the internship you will be given the same test to show how far you have come with the knowledge that ELDS provides. There may be days that we might have an intern read an article and then give a quiz over the article.  After a meeting with a client or rep ELDS might have you give the highlights of the meeting.
  8. Benchmarks: ELDS has set benchmarks for projects such as, how long should it take to find a furniture (wallpaper, fabric, paint, etc.) piece that a client might like? How long should it take to draw up a sketch? These are things that we hope you strive to meet. 
  9. Balance: ELDS wants to be fair to the Interns. We try to balance criticism and praise. We know that everyone will have good moments and bad moments.
  10. We Have an exit test and interview:  When an intern is leaving, ELDS will have a test (the same one you took when you signed on with ELDS) for you that covers what you should have learned in our time with us. The test could cover things like: How to measure for draperies? What are double rubs? What are some different design styles? What is your favorite design style and why? Etc.  At that time we would also like to hear your feedback!  Did you like it here?  What can we do to make this a better place for future interns?

Erica Lea Design Studios (ELDS)

Internship Application


Personal Information

Name:________________________________________________________________Permanent Address: _____________________________________________________

Phone #: ______________________________________________________________ E-mail address:_________________________________________________________ DOB:______________

Do you have a portfolio? yes no     

Do you have a resume? yes no  If yes, please attach to this Application.


Education Information

School:___________________________ Date of Graduation:____________________ How did you hear about us:_______________________________________________


Start Date and Hours:

Start date:____________________ How many hours do you need?_______________

What days/times can you work?:____________________________________________


Employment History:

Have you worked or applied here before:  yes   no   If yes when:____________

Are you currently employed? yes  no  If yes, Where?:______________________

May we contact your current employer? yes no   If yes, Phone #:_____________


Signature:______________________________ Date:___________________________

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