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Erica Hendrix

Lead Designer

I guess I am the head cheese. The designer in charge. Not sure what to write about myself, however; I make client’s spaces a reflection of their awesome selves. I create a vision, and the entire office helps make it come true. Yes I have won some awards, gotten some degrees, but it’s the staff at ELDS that truly makes my design vision a reality. Read about them below!

Tiffany Amass

Purchasing Manager

Tiffany is in charge of anything relating to purchases. On any given day you can see her managing our warehouse with a smile on her face. She knows how to get things done and can take care of any of our general product information, pricing, and shipping needs. We wouldn’t trade her for any suave dude with huge muscles.

Lee Hendrix

Technical Director

Technically Lee doesn’t work here…however, he is stuck with all of us women because he married me. Lucky me! Lee is our technical support. I am convinced he knows everything. We rely on his incredible innovation to install major parts of our designs.

Kayla Ziehr

Junior Associate

Our Junior Designer can NOT be confined! Kayla prefers working on a sofa rather than the desk provided LOL! This snappy, on top of things, go getter, is my right hand for all things design related. We rely on Kayla to complete major parts of our conceptual designs as well as create detailed construction documents. Kayla will soon be moving up the ranks to managing her own design projects…until then…she will be parked next to my desk on MY sofa…HA!!!

Isabelle Yeary

Client Relations Manager

Isabelle is our newest member of the ELDS family! She is in charge of client relations as well as some office management. Isabelle is like the sticky glue around the office that keeps everything moving in a forward trajectory. What do I love about this arrangement? Isabelle is a current interior design student at Missouri State University; she’s learning about the business side of the profession before she finishes her degree and attempts to run off and leave me….. sad. (does this need an lol?)

Emily Kleier


Meet Emily our newest intern! Interns are here to #1 learn and #2 help out! Emily helps us make fabulous selections, organize construction documents, as well as keep our samples and our resource library current and organized. We LOVE our interns and work hard to help them further their knowledge and love of the interior design profession!

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